Our Story

The Mind´s Well was born as a response to a social need. Maria Naranjo in 2014 experienced mental health concerns and found that navigating the mental health system could be extremely difficult for those in most need.

For that reason, she set up this social enterprise. The aim is to provide psychoeducation to people in need to improve their mental health and wellbeing. In order to achieve our aim we have partnered with the Healing Community CIC to offer our Healing Hub Community Project.

In addition, through The Mind´s Well we offer a career path in mental health where peer support features a main role. Our courses are designed for both services users and providers to bridge the gap in service provision.

If you have a history of mental ill-health you may benefit from starting a career in peer support.

Is your organisation providing peer support? Would you like to offer your staff high quality CPD? Then, get in touch with us.!


“Knowledge is power.”

Maria Naranjo Founder

Who We Are

The Mind´s Well was born in 2014 When Maria naranjo decided to tackle a social need for a service that put people with mental health issues in the driving seat. 

Maria has more that twenty years of clinical and strategic experience. Our vision is a society where nobody has to wait and struggle with their mental health and wellbeing. Our mission is to empower people through education and peer support to live the lives they deserve. to the full.

The minds well is working in partnership with the healing hub community cic to offer a range of HEALING PODS (psychoeducational and support peer led services on a membership basis. ). we are offering these healing pods free of charge for as long as the lockdown lasts in order to increase connexion and hope. 

Would you like to start a career in mental health?

The Minds well continues to  offer SQA approved qualifications.

The PDA in Mental Health Peer Support is aimed primarily at candidates who wish to develop their skills in mental health peer support. The primary target group consists of individuals who have personal experience of mental health problems and who wish to take on the role of peer support workers.
At Mind’s Well we think that peer support is the way forward. Many people who have had mental health issues start giving back and getting experience thorugh volunteering. This qualification will allow you to take a step forward and use your experience to develop your career path in Health and Social Care.
What is the advantage of having a qualification in Peer Support?
Having personal experience is essential to develop some of the skils that are required to perform this job. Undertaking this qualification will also provide a first hand experience of peer support with the other students, you will learn about the basic principles of peer support: mutuality, empathy, strengths based approach, empowerment and trauma informed practice. It will help you to work according to set quality standards that will protect you and your clients. get used to support structures such as supervision and goal setting and develop your personal approach to supporting others in a safe and supportive environment.
This is an academic qualification SCQF Level 7 and you are expected to do some written essays and assignments. 
Full                 £250
Concess        (If you are experiencing financial difficulties you may be eligible for a bursary, get in touch)

In addition we are preparing new learning accredited programmes coming up in April.

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Founders, Instructors, Volunteers and Peer support workers

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Gillian Tait

PDA Co - Trainer
Dee Marshall-Fulton

Dee Marshall-Fulton

Peer Support & Project Manager

Maria Naranjo

Director, Therapist & Community Psychologist